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Pershing 115

Pershing Motor Yachts

Pershing is an Italian yacht company whose history began in 1981 through the collaboration of three individuals who combined their experience, knowledge, and passion in pursuit of revolutionary ideas in the world of luxury yachts. From the original Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico, the Pershing company was built. Over the years, the company would continue to expand and grow.

Today, Pershing prides itself in having delivered over a thousand motor yachts across the globe. Although Pershing has designed more than 23 models of motor yachts, its current line of yachts for sale includes only 8. These are the Pershing 46’, the Pershing 50’, the Pershing 56’, the Pershing 64’, the Pershing 72’, the Pershing 80’, the Pershing 90’, and the Pershing 115’. These models are also available in alternative versions to suit each customer’s tastes. Pershing has also grown into a motor yacht company with a huge network of dealers around the world. With yachts for sale through its network of 30 brand dealers Pershing has boats for sale through 100 sales points.

After conceptualizing and producing their own vision of what laminate boats should be, they soon turned their attention to motor yachts. Motor yachts, at that time, were a symbol of class, luxury, and comfort. The three believed they could change the world of motor yachts by introducing power to its list of features. The idea was to keep the luxurious design and comfort that motor yachts are known for while improving its performance and making them as fast as speedboats.

From that vision and the company’s collaboration with Fulvio De Simoni, the legendary yacht designer, Pershing introduced the Pershing 45’ during the mid 1980s. The Pershing 45’ is still known today as the first motor yacht that combined the elegance and luxury of traditional models with speed.

In 1992, Pershing introduced the very first Pershing 70’ which quickly attracted the attention not only of buyers but of other yacht makers as well. This is because the Pershing 70’ was the first ever motor yacht to be released from a shipyard complete with the turbine.

The Pershing 70’ is also credited for the initial global success of Pershing. Pershing expanded from Europe to other major parts of the world including the United States, the Mediterranean, and East Asia. Soon, Pershing had boats for sale across the globe.

The continuous innovation and success of Pershing led to its inclusion to the Ferretti Group, an internationally known yacht-building conglomerate based in Italy.

In 2001, Pershing celebrated its 20th anniversary as a premiere yacht builder. By this time, it had already produced a number of esteemed models and Pershing yachts for sale across the globe received even more attention. Pershing has also received numerous awards for its creativity and innovation in the world of motor yachts. As of today, Pershing has received a total of 11 awards.

Pershing would then venture from motor yachts to the development and design of superyachts, resulting in the Pershing 115’. The Pershing 115’ yachts were the first ever superyachts for sale by Pershing and gave the company further international acclaim.

In 2005, Pershing reached the peak of its success as the Ferretti Group took over the operations of Itama, a legendary brand in the world of luxury yachts. Pershing is credited for the successful re-launch of the Itama brand.

At present, Pershing continues to grow as a prominent brand of luxury yachts around the world. Pershing is also becoming recognized in markets it never thought it could tap. This includes the Southeast Asian region where Pershing now has seen success by delivering many boats for sale in the area.