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The Hinckley Yacht Company was formed 80 years ago in 1928 and is the builder of Hinckley luxury motor yachts. Unlike other shipbuilders who offer design services, the Hinckley Company has focused on developing its range of motor yachts for sale. It has two main product lines in motor yachts which are divided into Sail Boats and Power Boats.

The Sou'wester sail boats and the Talaria power boats are both ranges which The Hinckley Company have developed over the years since the company's conception. The luxury yachts for sale from Hinckley are as follows.

Sail Boats: The new DS 42; the Sou'wester 42; the Sou'wester 51; the Sou'wester 52; the Sou'wester 59; the Sou'wester 61; and the Sou'wester 70.

Power Boats: the Talaria 29R; the Talaria 29C; the Talaria 38R convertible; the Talaria 40; the Talaria 44; the Talaria 44 Flybridge; and the Talaria 55. The Hinckley Range of Power Boats now also includes the latest in the range of Hinckley Picnic Boats.

The Hinckley Company prides itself on its 24/7 customer service which is given to all Hinckley owners when they have bought one of the Hinckley boats for sale.

There are 6 Hinckley Yacht Service locations: Southwest Harbor, Maine; Portsmouth, Rhode Island; Barnegat Bay, New Jersey; Oxford and Annapolis, Maryland; Savannah, Georgia and Stuart, Florida. Hinckley can also undertake restorations to yachts and modifications to personalize their yachts for sale.

Hinckley also provides a charter and brokerage service. You can buy a seasoned Hinckley through their brokerage service or charter a Hinckley luxury yacht. If you are thinking about buying a motor yacht and are looking for luxury yachts for sale then you may like the idea of chartering a yacht from a particular shipbuilders so that you can see what the boat is like before committing to buying a boat from them.

The advantage of using a shipbuilders such as Hinckley when looking for superyachts for sale is that if you are not particular about having a superyacht made to your exact specifications, then you will be able to buy a Hinckley yacht and have it ready much quicker than if you have one made bespoke. However, everyone likes to have their items personalized and Hinckley can undertake services to make sure that your yacht is modified to your requirements.

You can order a product brochure from The Hinckley Company website at where you can get in depth information on each of the Sou'wester Sail Boats and Talaria Power Boats offered by Hinckley. As they have not diversified into custom built luxury motor yachts, Hinckley have put all their expertise in navel engineering into developing their existing product range to a very high standard.

The driving thought behind the Hinckley luxury yacht designs since the company's launch in 1928 has been how they can make their superyachts "stronger, faster and safer". This focus on the design of the yacht ranges that they build can be seen in the quality of the yachts that they produce. By offering non custom built superyachts from a tried and tested range of designs, Hinckley are also able to focus their attention to providing exemplary customer service.

Each Hinckley owner is given a toll free telephone number which they can call at any time of day or night, any day of the week and speak to experts in the field of navel engineering who will be able to provide answers to their queries. Owning a Hinckley can be like being part of an exclusive club, or as they like to describe it in their literature, part of a family of owners of sailing yachts sailing on the seas. They aim to provide lifelong service and offer some of the longest guarantees on their yachts that you will find in the industry.